Edingburg Castle


Idag har vi varit och tittat pa slottet here in Edinburg. It is a fantastic building with a great history, especially military. The banquete hall was amazing and the crown jewels where very beatiful. And the scotsmen have had very beatiful uniforms during the years. It was realy a good experience to be there and to get to see this castle.
In the evening we where at Marys Kings Close who is a place in the old city underground. It was very interesting to see and to hear from the guide how the people lived there and the history behind it all.
Sadenly we havent been to any whiskey provning, but i think we will have to plan for that next time. Now when now where it is and when we have learned to find a little bit in the city and we have learned to go by train.
To dinner to day my wife and i had Haggish and it was very tasty and we liked it a lot.We get it at a pub,and it was a nice place.
Tomorrow we have to go home and that feels a little sad, but i also yearn to go home because we miss them at home and the dogs.
Seee YOU!!!!!


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