City tour


Today we have been on a city-tour by buss around Edingburg. It was a very nice trip in an very nice looking town , with old buildings and little tiny shops and the old part with the small streets. The buildings in Edingburg city arent that high, they are 3-4 floors high, and that makes the city feel smaller and more cousier than other modern big citys like Stockholm for an example.One day, maybe the day after the tomorroow we will visit the castle and that i will look forward too. Tomorrow Lillemor and i will go shopping in a galleria nearby, they even have a Disney shop there!!!!
Today we also have been able to see the hills and slopes that surrounds the city(because of better weather with i little bit of sunshine=)), and its a beatuiful sight. You can almost imagine that you will see Mel Gibson coming than from the hills screaming FREEDOM at the top of his lungs.
See you tomorrow.


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